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The M629 from Toyo Tires is a deep-tread, all-position tyre primarily designed for urban and short-haul applications as a steer axle fitment. The M629 has a deep original tread depth of 19.2mm and a scrub-resistant tread compound, plus wide section width and a flat crown radius for improved traction and wear resistance. The bead/chafer area of the M629 was designed using Toyo’s unique ‘e-balance’ technology for superior uniformity and casing endurance.

The M629 is available in tyre size 11R22.5 148/145K across Australia at competitive cost per km.

    Scrub resistant tread compound with deep tread depth

    • Long tread life in urban and short haul applications.

    Flat crown radius and wide tread width

    • Even distribution of contact pressure across the contact patch for even wear and optimized handling.

    Wide shoulder ribs and square tread shoulder

    • Minimized tread flex at the tread shoulder for improved handling and resistance to shoulder wear.